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Hi my name is Charles Dove and I am the president of All Around Ads. We deliver Social Media Marketing which also includes daily management across Instagram and Facebook. Not only do we do the content and marketing management but we also provide in house Content Production as well. 24/7 availability to keep our clients satisfied with our work. Feel free to contact us for more info.

What we do

Social Media Management

We will engage, listen, react, and find ways into the eyes of our clients customer’s social feed. We manage to do so with with a mix of branded content and paid advertising that will blend into your customers’ feed as if it were meant to be there.

Budgeted Ad Campaigns

Our Budgeted Ad Campaigns will be working alongside the daily posting for our clients. All engagement data collected by Facebook or Instagram through daily posting will be used to Deeply Target through our Ad Campaigns. By controlling the targeting we can quickly optimize aspects such as age, device, gender, and location. Proving to be a Cocktail of Success.

And more

We not only provide the Management and Ad Campaigns but we deliver Professional Videography, Photography, Website Building, Business Card Designs, Logos, and any other Graphic Design you could possibly need.

Why choose us?

Content Production

We edit what you provide us. If local we can provide photographer for any type of scene.

Daily Posting

Sent approval to you before every post.

Social Media Ad Campaigns

Campaigns done with researched settings to get accurate response across Facebook and Instagram

Generate Leads

Through Facebook ads with specific parameters based upon your business.

Professionally Produced Video

4k filming equipment provided with all other production equipment on deck. (Green Screen)

Other stuff

Engagement, Reactions, Email Subscribes, Follows, and Likes

Contact us

Feel free to contact us any time!


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